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New Elements, LLC has been passionate about combining flavors for over 20 years. This ultimately led to the creative world of mixology. We are dedicated to providing the perfect drink specialized to your liking.



As a leading Bartender since 2013, owner and cocktail creator Michael Jensen is recognized across the industry as an innovator. In addition to extensive mixology work, his experience includes menu and hospitality consulting, original recipe creation and new bar development!

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Learn from the Best

Whether you’re an experienced bartender or are just trying something new, there are tons of great learning opportunities for you. New Elements brings originality and professionalism into their teaching, so sign up today.

Molecular Mixology Workshop

Get ready to learn the most valuable modern mixology tips and tricks from an acclaimed Bartender. Create and combine new drinks behind the bar, or impress your guests while entertaining at home.

Mixology Supplies

Cocktail Design Course

Want to impress with your mixology knowledge and skills? This course will teach you to design and execute incredible and original cocktails. After mastering the basics, you’ll be ready to create your own signature drinks.

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Orange Cocktail


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